Clearmont Town Council Discusses Clearmont Day

Ira Roadifer was a guest at the regular town Council Meeting held on April 26 at 6 p.m. One item of discussion centered on All-Clearmont Day, which is normally held the second weekend in June, but is not scheduled to be held this coming June. Roadifer asked if the town would undertake to host Clearmont Day again, but Mayor Rohrer felt that it would be better to plan for next year, as time was getting short to do it this year. “We need someone to volunteer to take charge of the event, most towns have a committee to do the planning,” Rohrer said. “It’s a lot of work.”

Roadifer added that the Clearmont Historical Group would plan something, and he felt other groups would as well.

“I feel we should wait and try to recruit people to take a role in a part of the planning, and next year we should schedule it for the third week in June instead of the second. The town will support having Clearmont Day, but we need someone to step up and do the planning.”

At last month’s meeting, the Council discussed Clearmont Day, as well as construction planned on Highway 14/16 this summer, and how it might affect Clearmont Day this summer.

Roadifer also discussed the upcoming town clean-up day, which will be held on May 8, due in part to the fact that the Sheridan City Landfill has a free week, May 1 to 8th, where country residents can bring up to one ton of trash to the landfill and do not have to pay. “Robin Prusack of Ulm has a trailer he is letting us use,” Roadifer said. He wondered if the town would like to participate in the clean up.

Roadifer also thanked city maintenance man John Kiser for his help taking care of the Veteran’s Memorial. “I’ve got a lot of compliments on the Memorial,” he added.

In other business Mayor Rohrer the highway project that is planned has been postponed, and the water tank project has been delayed due to funding. Mayor Rohrer also said the town has to plan a work session to discuss the budget for the 2021 year. Kiser mentioned he needs 23 new water meters and a new street cleaning broom for the skid steer, but they can be added to the new budget.

Amy Vineyard reported that no one applied to the town for the seasonal maintenance position to help Kiser with the town summer maintenance. Kiser said the man who did it last year is resigning due to other commitments. Vineyard said she would continue to advertise for the position.

The position is 20 hours per week, pays $10/hour and the application has to have a valid drivers license.

The meeting was adjourned at 7 p.m.

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