Grand Teton NP Officials Asking Fishers To Use Caution During The Heat Wave

The recent heat wave has put some aquatic life in hot water within Grand Teton National Park

Hot weather causes elevated water temperatures that are stressful for coldwater fish such as trout.

When the water temperature is greater than 65 degrees fahrenheit, fish that are involved in a catch and release practice, have difficulty recovering.

Park officials are asking anglers to fish early in the morning when the water temperature is cooler, carry a pocket thermometer to monitor water temperature, and don’t fish after 2pm, because that’s when the water temperature tends to be its warmest.

Play and land a fish quickly to reduce exhaustion stress and keep it in water as much as possible.

Let the fish recover before it is released.

If the fish is exhausted and can not hold itself upright, and if regulations allow, consider keeping the fish, because its chances of survival are poor.

Such practices during warmer temperatures will protect the park’s fisheries.

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