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Kevin Koile

If the name sounds familiar it should be. THE Kevin Koile is one of the most recognizable and most dependent names in the Wyoming Media Industry. He's been both an anomaly and an enigma within the Wyoming Media world since June of 2002, and 37 awards back up that claim (14 individual, 23 others shared). Sheridan Media knew Kevin had a good history with the Sheridan area beforehand, and was right to convince him to join in June of 2021. Aside from reporting, he is also one of the best sports action videographers in state history, having recorded some of the greatest and controversial moments. If Kevin's at a game with a video camera, something is bound to happen. He graduated from The Ohio State University with a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1999. Outside of work, Kevin has an amazing wife and 2 great kids that bring him much joy and happiness.

Stories By Kevin Koile