McCafferty Shares Numbers for COVID-19

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The reaction of the community during the COVID-19 crisis has been overwhelming and impressive, according to Mike McCafferty, who’s CEO of Sheridan Memorial Hospital.

In a report to hospital trustees during their meeting this week, McCafferty cited some of the numbers relating to the crisis that started about six weeks ago. To date, he said, there have been zero COVID-19 admissions to the hospital.

He said just over 6,700 masks have been donated to the hospital by the community. He said there have been over 700 tests administered for the COVID-19 virus, and since April 1, 330 of those have been negative. He said the hospital has redeployed 90 employees.

McCafferty said 79 members of the community have joined the hospital’s volunteer labor pool, and so far, 17 of those have been oriented.

Hospital CEO Mike McCafferty. (Courtesy photo)

He said members of the community have donated over 1,500 meals to the hospital’s frontline workers – and along with that, he added, over 600 boxes of Girl Scout cookies have been donated.

In addition, McCafferty said, over 10 gallons of Koltiska hand sanitizer have been procured. He said over 2,000 pieces of personal protective equipment have been provided courtesy of Kennon Products, Sheridan College and others in the community. Over 150 pairs of scrubs have been donated.

In addition, McCafferty said, during the past several weeks, zero hospital employees have been furloughed.

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  1. When this crisis is over the hospital can turn around and use those masks at a 6000% markup price that gets offset to the patients.

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