No Change Recommended

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The City of Sheridan recently received a petition from residents living on South Thurmond to change the speed limit between Sioux Street and Burkitt Street from 30 mph to 20 mph. City Public Works Director Hanns Mercer at a City Council study session Monday night, said South Thurmond is classified as a major collector road, and according to the City’s Public Infrastructure Design Standards, the posted speed limit is typically greater than or equal to 30 mph.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said the Sheridan Police Department provided traffic accident data for the area and conducted a speed study along the 600 block of South Thurmond between March 24 and April 5.

Hanns Mercer

Mercer said staff is recommending that there be no change to the speed limit on South Thurmond between Sioux and Burkitt Streets.

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