Governor Gordon Preparing Legal Challenge Against Vaccine Mandate

Governor Mark Gordon is taking action to oppose President Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

The Governor and the Attorney General continue to prepare the State’s legal challenge to the threat of the Biden Administration’s proposed vaccine mandates, when they are finalized.

It should be noted that the Biden Administration has yet to issue any specific policies that can be challenged in court.

“Four weeks ago, when the President issued his announcement regarding vaccine mandates, I immediately instructed Attorney General Hill to prepare for legal action to oppose this unconstitutional overreach,” Governor Gordon said. “Attorney General Hill has begun that mission and is continuing to strengthen alliances, improve potential arguments, and consider appropriate strategies.”

Governor Gordon noted that a joint letter from 24 attorneys general explained that the President’s edict is broad, inexact, and utilizes a rarely-used provision in Federal law that allows it to be effective immediately.

“This coalition of Attorneys General is well-prepared to fight the Biden Administration in courts when the time is right, and I am committed to using every tool available to us to oppose federal rules, regulations, and standards whenever they overreach. We are prepared to act promptly once these mandates are finally issued,” the Governor said. “Wyoming will not stand idly by to see any erosion of the constitutional rights afforded our citizens and their industries.” 

As the state prepares for its legal battle with the federal government, Governor Gordon stressed that as a conservative Republican, he continues to stand for smaller government that is closest to the people.

Governor Gordon reiterated, “Government must resist the temptation to intrude in private sector interests.”

“It is neither conservative nor Republican to replace one form of tyranny with another,” he added. “Doing so is antithetical to our American form of government, even if it is for something we like. I will stand firm against unconstrained governmental overreach regardless of where or when it occurs.”


  1. How many vaccines are mandated for children to attend school in Wyoming? How can you block one mandate without, presumably, taking them all out. It’s the law of the land and has been since Valley Forge any number of court cases that have upheld the right of the government to protect public health. Why get us into another spurious law suit save to try to ingratiate yourself to the crazy caucus who are never oing to forgive you for Foster Frieze anyway. You ran as a moderate, try governing as one.

  2. I stand with the governor on this it should not be mandated this is our body our choice nobody should have the right to make the decision to make us take a vaccine that we know nothing about it went through too quickly and nobody knows the long-term side effects bye mandating this you could be hurting people

    • Your body your choice honey BUT when your choices infringe on others health than that IS NOT YOUR Freaking RIGHT!!!! Stop parenting what trump tells you all to do, get a backbone and take care of the citizens of this state! HAVE YOU FORGOTTEN, THAT IS YOUR JOB

      • This is such a lame straw man argument. The only way this argument becomes credible is if the vaccine granted 100% effectiveness against the virus, which it does not. Studies have also shown that the efficacy of the vaccine wanes over time becoming less and less effective. Even the CDC has acknowledged that fully vaccinated people can shed the virus and therefore spread it to others, sometimes while being completely asymptomatic themselves. So this idea that the only people spreading the virus are the unvaccinated is completely false.
        By the way, Trump is actually pro-vaccine, so that part of your argument is also nonsensical. Not every person who is hesitant to get vaccinated is a Trump supporter or even a Republication, as a matter of fact African Americans are statistically the most hesitant group in this country when it comes to getting vaccinated, and we all know that they don’t tend to be Republicans or Trump supporters…

  3. The issue with the Covid-19 “vaccine” is that it has not yet been vetted like the other mandated vaccines that the vast majority of us all trust. We can’t possibly know what side effects the Covid jab might have in the next 5 or 10 years, on top of the current potential negative affects that we already know of (blood clots, myocarditis, etc.). If people choose to be vaccinated regardless of the unknowns that is their right, but it should not be forced on anyone, and that goes double for children who are already mostly unaffected by Covid-19 (thankfully). And if the argument for a mandate is to stop the spread, well that isn’t something the current “vaccine” can even accomplish, fully vaccinated people can still be infected and can still spread the virus. Another problem with this as a mandate is that is does not take into account natural immunity and antibodies for those of us who may have already been infected and have recovered, natural immunity provides a much greater protection against future infection than any of the “vaccines” are capable of… Anyone out there still believing that these “vaccines” offer bullet proof protection is either naive, ignorant or both…

    • I am neither. Vaccinated people have a very high degree of protection and less than 5% of those who are hospitalized are vaccinated, despite the fact that they represent more than 50% of the population that is now vaccinated. Natural immunity provides protection against the strain you had- not the mutated strains that have been allowed to spread because ignorant people are acting as hosts for a spreading and mutating plague. And as for children- what’s an acceptable number to be sacrificed for your freedumb (it’s currently in the thousands plus the tens of thousands who may suffer long hauler effects)? Please stop getting your talking points from Tucker Carlson (who is himself fully vaccinated as required by his employer) or admit that you’re too ignorant to pour water out of a boot.

  4. You constantly have to make it partisan don’t you Ray? I unaffiliated politically and do not watch or read the ‘mainstream media’ whether its left or right wing, it is nearly all political propaganda here in America, the majority of what you will be told on MSNBC, CNN, or FOX is fake news and every claim should be questioned… I research and cross reference information as best as I can and I think for myself. You are just wrong when you say that natural immunity only protects against a single strain, and you are wrong when you say that Covid is being spread by the unvaccinated only, and you are doubly wrong when you say that less than 5% of the hospitalized folks are vaccinated. Real world evidence does not back up any of those claims…

    Do a little independent research for yourself and you will find that in places like Australia, Singapore, and Israel where they have large majorities of fully vaccinated people, they are still seeing spikes in infections and far more than 5% of those hospitalized have been fully vaccinated, in some cases it has been reported that a majority of those hospitalized were fully vaccinated. Also, to have the spikes these places are seeing in cases, it isn’t mathematically possible for all the spreading to be the fault of the unvaccinated.

    There is also credible evidence from many scientists that the vaccines themselves could actually be helping the mutations evolve leading to the different strains we are now seeing. But before you dismiss that as a conspiracy theory or a Russian hoax, you should know that one of the scientists talking about this is Robert Malone who just happens to be one of the pioneers of the mRNA technology that the current vaccines are based on.

    It is also a fact, despite the leftwing propensity to ignore it, that the current vaccines absolutely have a risk of negative side effects, ranging from blood clots to myocarditis, among others. My own brother in law got very sick after being vaccinated and went back into the hospital with severe chest pain about a week later and was diagnosed with myocarditis. I am thankful for everyone who has been vaccinated and has not had any negative side effects, but that simply is not the case for everyone who has gotten the jab and to pretend that it is would be disingenuous…

    The CDC and Dr. Fauci are not to be trusted as the only source of “Science”, especially when there is so much evidence from other scientists and doctors as well as data from other countries that do not back up what they are trying to convince the American people of…

    Ray, It’s obvious from every argument that I have seen you make in these comments that you do not think for yourself nor do you do any independent research, you simply parrot whatever leftwing, pro -vaccine messages you are being fed without questioning any of it and then you present it as fact while pointing your finger, name calling, and wishing ill will towards anyone who has a different viewpoint than you. If you had any self-awareness at all you would realize how pathetic and unconvincing that is, it is very likely that you have turned more people away from your arguments with your tactics than you have gotten to agree with you. So, keep doing what you are doing I guess…

    • Sorry Gay, but I do have and life and can’t be at Mr. Larsen’s beck and call. Since I’m sure you’re aware of the latest reports from Israel the most vaccinated country in the world- I won’t bother to recap it but it certainly flies in the face of your claims. Also, in the interest of full disclosure, I think you should let people know that the interview by Malone that you reference was, in fact given on the Tucker Carlson show. Your really making this too easy.

      • Ray, you seem a bit infatuated with Tucker Carlson, and you certainly know a lot more about him than I do…. Why does everything come down to politics with you? You have a problem. The truth of the the matter is that I was introduced to Dr. Robert Malone a few months ago when he was a guest on Dr. Brett Weinstein’s Dark Horse podcast, it was an intriguing and enlightening conversation. Mr. Weinstein is actually left leaning himself, but I respect him because he is a reasonable critical thinker who doesn’t let partisan politics cloud his thinking, so you know pretty much the opposite of you Ray…. I prefer to remain anti-political with my viewpoints, I am more interested in thinking for myself, questioning, and looking for evidence rather than blindly following whatever garbage the corrupt government or the propagandist media tries to shove down my throat, again pretty much the opposite of you Ray…

    • Hmmm, contact Montana hospitals and see how full they are are how many are unvaccinated souls. Now do this in every red state then come back and tell us the lies!!!! Our town hospital is full because Republican red state Montana Governor refuses to care about his citizens! And same with Wyoming,Idaho, Texas, Florida and the rest! Let’s be real here and stop the bull!!!

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