Clearmont and Arvada Precincts Report Numbers

Both the Clearmont and the Arvada precinct reported high numbers of voters coming by to cast their votes in the very close presidential election.

       The Clearmont voters came to the town hall to cast their votes, and according to Clearmont election judge Anna Switzer, there was a line this morning, which is very unusual for the small town of Clearmont.  “I’ve never seen a line before. Some people left and came back. Due to the social distancing, the line was pretty long.  We saw people who have never voted before come to cast a vote. These weren’t young kids, but people of all ages.  By 9 a.m., we had 50 people, by 2 p.m. we had 100 people who came in to vote.” she added that in 2016 they didn’t break 100 until 5 p.m.

       Wendy Switzer, election judge, said, “We hope to hit 150 voters by the end of the day.”

       In Arvada, they had 41 people by 3 p.m, which is larger than the population of the small town.  “We have several people coming in later,”  election judge Cretica Overman said. 

       Due to Covid-19, each election office took precautions to make sure that voters were safe. There was a requirement for voters to be 6 foot apart, and the entrance door was different from the exit door, to make sure that voters maintained the social distance.  The election judges Anna Switzer, Wendy Switzer and Crystal Medifee,  were behind a plastic shield as well.  November Spotted Horse was the Clearmont, “Covid Cleaner,”  who cleaned the voter booth after each voter.

       In Arvada that used the Clearmont Fire District Fire Hall, there was only one door, but George  Comrie was the “Covid Cleaner” there, and the judges,  Meshelle Cooper, Dana Delaney, and Creticia Overman, again, sat behind a plastic shield.

       The Clearmont and Arvada Wyoming elections are becoming high tech, with electronic sorting machines and a speech output machine that helps those who had problems seeing the ballot.  “We had a few people who used the verbal machine,”  Anna Switzer said.        At the time the polls closed, Clearmont recorded 142 voters, and of those, Anna Switzer said, “There were 29 voters that were new voters, so were just registered, and some were people who recently moved into Clearmont.”

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