WYDOT Suspends Applications For Prestige And Novelty License Plates

Any Wyoming motorist that wants a custom designed license plate will have to wait for some time.

WYDOT says due to a nationwide shortage of aluminum, orders for all prestige and novelty plates have temporarily suspended.

If an order for a prestige or novelty plate was ordered before May 11th, people are asked to call WYDOT to check on the status of their application.

Standard license plates are still available through local county treasurer’s offices.

A WYDOT spokes-person says the department is hopeful to reopen applications for plates sometime in the summer.

Part of the reason for the aluminum shortage is because during the covid pandemic, a number of drinking establishments were closed nation-wide and as a result, the demand for aluminum canned beverages, both alcohol and non-alcohol, increased and major distributors and manufacturers of aluminum cans were not able to keep up with the demand.


  1. Wow! Baby food, toilet paper, new cars. Gotta wonder what the next “shortage” commodity is going to be. I saw this phenomenon in the Soviet Union 50 years ago. Never dreamed I’d ever see it here in America, but when elections go south, well, here we are!

  2. Why are we just hearing about this now? First toilet paper, then oil and now aluminum. Covid created a convenient excuse for conditions created by incompetent leadership.

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