Gillette College Will Oversee Its Own Graduation Ceremony

As Gillette College continues to separate from the Northern Wyoming Community College District, students that are graduating this semester will be honored by their own school officials.

Recently the District Board of Trustees updated the memorandum of understanding between the District and Gillette College, that Gillette College leaders and personnel will oversee the college graduation ceremony and not members of the District Board of Trustees.

Since the college is not yet fully accredited, the diplomas will still say Northern Wyoming Community College District on them.

District President Doctor Walter Tribley says in the past, graduation ceremonies at Gillette College were a combined effort from the Board and from College officials.

Dr. Walter Tribley

“The staff over there have always helped put these commencements on. They’re very seasoned at it, but it was our board would go over, the president would go over, the vice-presidents, and we would participate with advisory board members there and dignitaries in the community and have a meal and we would do it together, but this year they are independent.”

Graduation at Gillette College is scheduled for Friday, May 13th, while Sheridan College’s graduation is scheduled for the next day.

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