SPD Reminds Residents to Be Aware of Snow Routes

Courtesy Photo

The City of Sheridan implemented Snow Routes as a way of prioritizing the order in which roads are cleared of snow after we have a large amount dropped by a passing storm. The Sheridan Police Department Lieutenants, while guests recently on our news talk show Public Pulse, shared a reminder for residents to be aware if they are on one of these routes. Lt. Travis Koltiska.

Lt. Travis Koltiska

Residents can learn more and sign up for CodeRED by visiting the police department’s website. Lt. Tom Ringley shared what kind of snow event can trigger these types of action.

Lt. Tom Ringley

For more information on the current Sheridan Snow and Ice Control Plan, follow this link https://www.sheridanwy.gov/UserFiles/Servers/Server_14895975/File/%20Government/Public%20Works%20Department/Streets/Sheridan-Snow-and-Ice-Control-Plan.pdf .

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