Sheridan Airport to Apply for New Operating Certificate

The Sheridan County Airport will apply for a new Airport Operating Certificate after approval was given by the county commission Tuesday.

Airport Manager John Stopka explained that since there will be a new carrier and changes to air service at the airport, he needs to apply to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for an updated operating certificate.

He explains further.

John Stopka

Stopka said the FAA began issuing airport operating certificates in 1970, and Sheridan County received their first certificate in 1973, and another was issued in 2005 due to FAA reclassification regulations.

Stopka said the new certificate will allow service for larger and different types of aircraft at the airport.

John Stopka

One of the biggest changes for the airport by reclassification is they will be required to perform periodic disaster simulation exercise, which Stopka was not concerned would be a problem.

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