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By the people, for the people, The Provision Fund reaches out to Sheridan

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Casey Osborne told listeners that the Provision Fund was conceived not because the community of Sheridan is broken, but because the community can do more to improve itself.

A 501c3, the Provision Fund operates differently than most charitable organizations. The Provision Fund asks its members — called “patrons” — to buy into the fund. Residents can become patrons after voluntarily donating $100 to the fund and signing up at the Provision Fund website,

Outside of the monetary contribution to the fund, patrons are involved in the voting process and setting priorities for the fund. Oversight of that money is performed by the stewards. 

A steward sits on a panel of 10 members. These members provide management and oversight for the fund itself while ensuring the funds are used appropriately. Stewards are selected by lottery. 

The lottery prohibits any politics from entering the process of selecting stewards to govern the fund, according to Osborne. 

The funds of the Provision Fund are distributed to either partner organizations, such as the HUB on Smith, to help causes such as early childhood education and to help fund maintenance projects within the parks and recreation of Sheridan. In essence, the Provision Fund is funded by the people of the community to find ways in improving the community according to Osborne.  

During an appearance on Public Pulse, Osborne challenged Sheridan County residents to make a donation and join the Provision Fund to become patrons and stewards of the community.

C. Osborne

To learn more about the Provision Fund, visit

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