Stults says students need to be in schools

School District 2 Assistant Superintendent Scott Stults says the best learning happens in the schools. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Learning takes place best in the schools, according to Scott Stults.

And, also according to Stults, who’s an assistant superintendent with Sheridan County School District 2, a majority of parents in the district agree.

School District 2 conducted a survey of staff and parents, seeking their views on the district’s experience with virtual classes that started in March. Stults said over 560 parents responded.

Stults said the fact is that the students need to be in front of their teachers. He said that’s part of why there are teachers and why parents send their children to school.

That’s why Sheridan County School District 2, which operates the schools in Sheridan and Story Elementary, plans to have students back in the schools when classes resume in August.

Stults spoke at a meeting of district trustees earlier this week. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

The district has, in fact, prepared two plans for resuming classes, one that’s traditional school in the buildings, with modifications, and another that would be primarily virtual. But the preferred model is the one that sees students back in their classrooms.

Stults said ultimately the decision will be made with input from county and state health officials. He said the district wants to keep students and staff safe.

But, he said, learning is best when it’s done in the schools in front of the teachers.

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