2020 County Fair Uncertain

Whether there will be a county fair this year remains uncertain. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Will there be a Sheridan County Fair this year? Right now, according to Jamie Ringley, no one knows.

Ringley, who’s facilities director of the Sheridan County Fairgrounds, said fairgrounds staff don’t know at this time whether either the Sheridan-WYO Rodeo or the county fair will be held this year.

If there is a fair, the knights’ tournament would be part of it again this year. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

He said options are being discussed with regard to the fair and current regulations regarding issues like social distancing. He said everyone wants the events to take place, but the possibility of the fair is currently a gray area.

Much depends on the duration of current COVID-19 regulations. According to dates set last year, this year’s fair would start on July 24, a Friday, with the annual horse show. The next day, July 25, would be the knights’ tournament that’s been hosted in recent years by CHAPS, and the fair would continue through Aug. 3 when the event would end with the annual livestock sale.

Ringley said at this time, no one knows whether those dates will stay firm or whether the fair might be expanded a little to encourage social distancing.

Like others, Ringley said the fairgrounds staff is working with Sheridan County Public Health as well as the state health office. He said the staff is doing what it can to serve the community.

He said events that involve more than 10 people must apply for a variance, and in fact, a variance was granted for a youth rodeo at the fairgrounds last Sunday.

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