Limited Seating Allowed for Restaurants, Bars

(Photo Ron Richter ©)

A third variance has been granted that will allow limited indoor seating for restaurants, cafes, bars, breweries and other establishments serving food and drink in Sheridan County.

The variance will go into effect Monday.

The phased approach of reopening will be closely monitored by Sheridan County Health Officer Dr. Ian Hunter and Sheridan County Public Health.

Any business or organization that wants to apply for an exception is asked to call Sheridan County Public Health at 672-5169.


  1. Why are people allowing the state and local governments to violate their constitutional rights? These are nothing more than suggested guidelines not laws. We are all a free people and can think for and protect ourselves. The state can not make these guidelines law because it is a violation of our first amendment right. Stop being sheep and allowing the pd to bully you around.

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