School Districts Waiting for Template from WDE

Wyoming school districts are waiting for a template from the state to guide re-opening of the state's schools. (Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Wyoming’s school districts are now waiting for a template from the Wyoming Department of Education to provide guidance for how the districts will resume on-site education.

That was the word from Craig Dougherty, superintendent of Sheridan County School District 2 during a special meeting of the district’s trustees Monday.

Jillian Balow, who’s Wyoming superintendent of public instruction, said all of Wyoming’s school districts will have to submit re-opening plans to the state department of education before they’ll be allowed to re-open.

But Balow said in the coming days, she will provide guidance to all of the school districts through a template. Dougherty said that’s the template that districts are now waiting on.

Dougherty said among considerations, districts will need to be able to reassure parents that any plan adopted for re-opening will be safe for their children.

He said the template is also being guided by the state Department of Health.

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