Spanish Influenza, Oct. 15, 1918

Sheridan Media reporter Pat Blair looks back in time, over 100 years ago, to the impact of Spanish influenza as reported in the pages of the Sheridan Enterprise in 1918.

Mayor M. B. Camplin is among those seriously suffering from Spanish influenza. He was taken ill Sunday and at noon today, Oct. 15, his condition was such as to excite acute apprehension.

Mr. Ed R. Dinwiddie is confined to the house with an attack of the Spanish flu. Among others confined to their homes are Rev. Ira S. Kingsley and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Diefenderfer.

The executive committee of the Red Cross in a meeting Monday afternoon adopted a resolution calling for an appeal to the people of the city who are in good health to lend their aid and comfort in caring for the ailing. There are homes in Sheridan wherein both parents are ill and unable to take care of their ailing children.

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