Yellowstone NP Road Repair Work Progressing

Photo Courtesy: Jacob Frank - National Park Service

It’s been one month since Yellowstone National Park reopened the north loop of the park to motor vehicle traffic and park officials say major progress has been made with short and long term efforts to reconnect towns to the north and northeast entrances to the park.

Road crews have already completed 1 ½ miles of the 4-mile 2-lane road between Mammoth Hot Springs and Gardiner, Montana

Progress is also being made on 5 damaged sections on Northeast Entrance Road, between Tower Junction and Cooke City, Montana.

It is anticipated that both will open to motor vehicle traffic in the middle of October.

Those roads will be for short-term use while a long-term plan is being worked on.

Road designers are trying to come up with ideas that are least environmentally impacting, least visually impacting, most resilient to future natural disasters, most expeditious and cost effective, and takes advantage of unimpacted existing road infrastructure if possible.

The damaged roads were the result of massive flooding in middle June.

Not all roads can be put back the way they were, because flooding in some areas caused waterways to change course.

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