Novotny Files ‘Change of Plea’ Paperwork

The attorney for Johnson County Commissioner William J. Novotny III filed “Change of Plea” paperwork with Johnson County Circuit Court.

The date for the Change of Plea Hearing has not been set, where Novotny is expected to plead “guilty” to charges pursuant to a plea agreement that has been reached with the State.

A Scheduling Order, which sets a Scheduling Conference, was originally slated for (today) Monday, September 20th in Circuit Court, but the Change of Plea filing means the scheduling conference is no longer needed.

Novotny entered a plea of “not guilty” in August in connection with a DWUI and other charges stemming from his arrest on July 18th.

Novotny was arrested for DWUI, reckless driving, fleeing or attempting to elude police, and open container in a moving vehicle.

According to, criminal penalties for a first-time DUI/DWUI offense in Wyoming does not carry a mandatory minimum jail sentence. However, those convicted of DUI/DWUI, face a maximum of up to six months in prison, a fine of up to $750, or both. And if there was a child 16 years or under in the vehicle, may face between 6 months and a year in prison.

Administrative penalties include a mandatory administrative license suspension of at least 90 days. If the BAC was higher than .15%, the court may require that an ignition interlock device be installed, at the offender’s own expense, after their license is reinstated.

They will also be required to undergo a substance abuse assessment, also at their own expense.


  1. As an elected official who was willing to flaunt his lawbreaking on front of his fellow citizens, he should receive the maximum punishment allowed by law and be barred from holding public office for life.

  2. Lighten up Francis….elected officials are human. Why would you bar someone from anything “for life” for misdemeanor offense(s). Part of the problem in this country is that we need one set of rule for everyone. Your rule should be concentrating on your proof-reading.

  3. Interesting the article says nothing about the disposition of the “other charges”. While first time offense of DWUI is a misdemeanor, fleeing or alluding police is a felony.

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