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SOS Explicitly Rescinds Predecessor’s Directives, Urges Clerks Not to Use Drop Boxes in 2024 Election

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Wyoming Secretary of State Chuck Gray sent a letter to all of the county clerks in the state Wednesday explaining why they should not use drop boxes in this year’s election. The letter also explicitly rescinded directives issued by previous Secretary of State Ed Buchanan in 2020 allowing ballot drop boxes.

Citing the plain language of the Wyoming Election Code, the end of Governor Mark Gordon’s declared state of emergency during the government’s response to COVID-19, as well as the rescission of the 2020 directives issued in reliance on Governor Gordon’s declared state of emergency, Secretary Gray’s letter urges the county clerks to discontinue their use in 2024.

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Gray said that as Secretary of State, he remains committed to preserving the integrity and confidence in Wyoming’s elections and he remains convinced that the use of unstaffed and unattended ballot drop boxes is not best for our state and lacks statutory authorization, and he is strongly opposed to their use.

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