Barrasso: ‘The Pain at the Pump is Going to Get Worse With Democrats’ Tax and Spending Spree’

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), Chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, discussed how the Democrats’ tax and spending spree will raise energy costs for American families. Barrasso, during a media conference, said Americans continue to struggle under the inflation caused by the current administration.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso said the high price at the pump is a direct result of President Biden’s energy policies.

Senator Barrasso

Barrasso said the pain at the pump is going to get worse, and it’s not just the cost of energy to drive your car, it’s also the energy to heat your home, energy that powers our country, and energy for electricity.


  1. Just Repub talking points trying to hold on to positions of power, prestige, and payouts. Dr. Barasso has no ethics, character or integrity. Good look Fist bumping over snatching away healthcare for vets. And apparently hoping for a redo of jiggering an election. Obviously not bothered by swearing an oath to defend the constitution and then ignoring such oath.

    • funny how dems always classify the truth as a GOP talking point. I guess your relationship with the truth is limited????

  2. Explain why you repubs go on a spending spree when you are in charge of the coffers..barrasso. Explain why corporations and rich people got a free ride on taxes so many years now while we the little people have got the shaft…barrasso. Explain you’re real purpose of portraying to be a Wyoming “politico” instead of a swamp rat like the rest of the beltway politicos.It is way past time for term limits.

  3. Do something besides get your photo taken! We have been listening to your blather for years, but little or no action just hot air and photo ops! You and Lindsey Graham! All talk no action!

    • funny how dems always classify the truth as a GOP talking point. I guess your relationship with the truth is limited????

    • sort of like someone cutting off your arm through total stupidity then congratulating themselves about how quickly they almost stopped the bleeding……ignorant logic but expected

    • well gas was 2 dollars a gallon. let me explain that for you: two years ago it was one dollar less that it is right now… hope that helps

    • wow….Fred that was so compelling……..can you say “come on man” how bout ‘malarkey’ . I know –its not your fault.. dems are desperate…. 36 percent approval and no one qualified to take JOES place in 2024. Hey, maybe MR ED? He is smarter that biden and laughs like HARRIS

  4. The good senator needs to read the news. Gas prices are going down. But then facts don’t really matter to the republican party.

  5. Come on man! China Joe has done a great job with the economy so far……its not as bad as you think…trust China Joe

  6. Lack if demand is bringing gas prices down, or since the current corrupt admin blamed Putin for the rise in gas prices, can’t we also give him credit for the decline?

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