Buffalo Police Chief: Family Helped in Retirement Decision

Buffalo Police Chief Jason Carder will be retiring at the end of October after more than 25 years in law enforcement.

In a recent interview, he talked about his retirement, his plans afterwards, and who he would like to see as his replacement.

After he retires from the police department he said he will find something else to do, just not in law enforcement.

He said he and his family have discussed him retiring, and with the way society has changed in recent years, it was time for a change.

Carder said changes in society with negative things said and done to law enforcement across the country have contributed to the decision, although he doesn’t feel the local community has done that.

The community has always supported him and his department, and he said as long as people have their questions answered and you are doing a good job they will support you.

Carder discussed his plans after retirement, and we will have that in an upcoming story.

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  1. Lots of good cops are choosing to change professions. Who can blame them? The disrespect shown them and total lack of support by the Biden administration and DOJ is pathetic. From the border patrol to local cops this administration has made them the bad guys for doing their jobs. Are there bad cops? yes, Are there bad politicians? Definitely. You harshly handle the bad apples and support the good. GOD BLESS this Chief in his new adventures. I just fear that the ability to find good replacements is getting harder and harder. ELECTIONS MATTER.

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