County Commissioner Arrested for DWUI

Johnson County Commissioner William J. Novotny, III was arrested over the weekend for Driving While Under the Influence (DWUI), reckless driving, flee or attempt to elude police, and open container.

According to court documents, at about 2:25am on Sunday, July 18th, a report came in to the Johnson County call center about a vehicle traveling eastbound in the westbound lane on Interstate 90 near Lake DeSmet.

Buffalo Police Officer Randy Brown caught up with the vehicle, turned on his lights and siren attempting to pull the vehicle over, but it continued another 3 miles where it merged southbound on the northbound ramp of Interstate 25, continuing another 2 miles before stopping at mile marker 298 southbound in the northbound lane.

Officer Brown then spoke with Novotny, asking if he would perform field sobriety tests, which he refused.

Novotny was then arrested and taken to the Johnson County Detention Center where he agreed to a chemical breathalyzer test, which determined his BAC, or Blood Alcohol Content on two samples at 0.186% and 0.187%.

The legal limit in Wyoming is under 0.08%.

Novotny posted bond on Monday morning, July 19th.

His court appearance is set for Monday, August 2nd at 9am.


  1. Let’s see if the good old boy network is going to work here or is he going to be treated like a regular citizen, that is the question I posed to the courts. I’ve seen all too often here in the state of Wyoming where are those in power get treated differently than those who aren’t in power, the regular Jill’s and Joe’s. I’ve experienced it first hand, especially for the few years I lived in Buffalo, right Jack T****r @ the V.H.OF WY.

  2. So? It’s just another DUI. What does his status in the community have to do with getting a DUI? How many other DUI’s make the front page?

  3. That is why I say that all elected officials should be randomly drug tested every month and breathalyzed before they perform any elected duties.

    • Really? I guess your mental utopia has us carrying papers saying we can be were we are or want to go then also… Your disease is a far bigger threat to freedom that Covid or China.

  4. Billy boy is really too mature to be doing something this irresponsible-from us good citizens Clara and maybe Ron Hanson!!

  5. He wasn’t worth a s… anyway as a commissioner..He could have killed someone or more than just one..But he wouldn’t care he was so bombed…Really showing a good example especially to our younger folks..I say throw him to the wolves or send him packing….

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