JCHC Board OKs Mobile X-Ray for Kaycee Clinic

The Hospital Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center have approved the purchase of a mobile x-ray machine for the Kaycee Clinic, as requested by Chelsea Puente, Physicians Assistant who works at the JCHC and at the Kaycee Clinic.

CEO Sean McCallister told the board what they were requesting.

Puente explained that she orders a number of x-rays in the Kaycee Clinic that patients either go to Casper or elsewhere to have done, or they just simply don’t drive anywhere to have them done.

She said having the mobile x-ray machine in Kaycee will mean patients will be more willing to do them and it will mean more revenue for the clinic and the JCHC.

The board voted to approve the purchase of the mobile x-ray machine for $102,500 in COVID stimulus funds.

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