Buffalo Council Takes No Action on Street Name Change

During their regular meeting Tuesday evening, the Buffalo City Council discussed a Resolution that would officially change the name of Eagles Lane to North Side Creek Lane.

The name change is for the one-way street between Main Street and Lobban Avenue on the north side of Clear Creek downtown.

The change was applied for by a group represented at the meeting by Ray Breton, who owns Un’WINE’d located on that street.

Breton explained that the group was hoping to change the name of the street to “North Side Creek,” without the “Lane” designation.

The council said they would have to check with their legal department to see if a “street,” “lane,” or other designation was required by city code, and that the change would need to be drafted in a new Resolution by City Attorney Ben Kirven.

The council chose to take no action and will take the issue up at a future meeting.

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