Rural Health Care District Board Discusses 2021-22 Budget

The Johnson County Rural Health Care District Board had their meeting for March on Monday, and among other items discussed the upcoming budget for the 2021-22 fiscal year.

The board reviewed preliminary figures for the budget, including projected revenue, expenses, and the expected shortfall in the budget they expect if projections are accurate.

Board member Jim Hicks said he had spoken with county officials that were confident the county’s valuation for the coming fiscal year will be roughly $300 million.

Based on that valuation, the board will begin their budget sessions expecting about $600,000 in funding from the county.

Also according to preliminary figures; the district is projecting $450,000 in ambulance revenue; $5,000 in interest from CD’s; and $70,000 from motor vehicle registration funds for total projected revenue of $1.125 million.

Total projected expenses are at $1.223 million, leaving a shortfall of just over $98,000.

The board set their first budget session for Monday, April 12th in Kaycee beginning at 4pm, with their regular meeting for April scheduled to begin at 5pm.

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