SMH moves to 1C on Vaccination Priority List, offers online scheduling

(Photo courtesy of SMH)

During a Sheridan Memorial Hospital leadership meeting, the hospital announced the COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic still has vacancies and vaccine doses after moving to 1b-9. 

The Vaccination Clinic has administered approximately 6,000 vaccines to Sheridan County residents. The vacancies in appointments for vaccines have prompted SMH to move onto the 1c prioritization group on the Vaccine Prioritization List. 

SMH Chief Medical Officer Dr. John Addlesperger. 

J. Addlesperger

The Phase 1 COVID-19 Vaccine Prioritization List can be found here

After the hospital moved down the list to the 1b-9 prioritization group, comments were made on the Sheridan Media news story by individuals stating they had been missed after making an appointment with the Vaccination Clinic.  

SMH Director of Lean Transformation Dr. Lekan Ajayi, currently overseeing operations for the vaccine clinic, said the facility is working with many “moving parts” and the possibility exists that they may have missed someone on the list. 

L. Ajayi

Residents expecting a call back from the Vaccination clinic should also answer their phone when they see the number 675-4476 on their caller ID. 

According to SMH leadership, only about 30% of residents receiving a call back from the vaccination clinic are answering the call informing them of their appointment time and a large portion of individuals do not have a voicemail set up to leave a message that a time has been scheduled for them. 

According to leadership, any resident in prior prioritization groups wishing to be vaccinated should call the clinic and staff will add them to the callback list. 

SMH is also making it much easier to schedule a COVID vaccination appointment by providing an online appointment scheduling option for those who fit into any of the Phase 1a, 1b or 1c vaccination priorities.  

Residents interested in using this online scheduling option can go to COVID Vaccination Online Scheduling. Once at the online appointment page, use the drop down menu in the middle of the page to select COVID Vaccination, then select the day and time that works best for your schedule.

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