City, Solid Waste Discuss Recycling Center

During a recent Buffalo City Council meeting, members of the Solid Waste District Board discussed the importance of the mill levy that is up for renewal in the November election.

After their presentation, Councilman Travis Lawrence said the council and county commission have considered what to do with the Recycling Center Joint Powers Board, which has run into some problems in the last year.

He asked Bob Fox and David Iverson from the Johnson County Solid Waste District Board about their views in the matter, and Iverson gave his opinion.

According to the discussion, one of the major problems facing the recycling center is the constantly changing markets for the recycled materials.

So the trick would be to find a balance between satisfying those that want to recycle and doing it cost effectively, and they said they feel that combining the recycling center with the Solid waste District would help make that work.

Fox described the bottom line for the district to take over recycling.

Fox also said the district could charge a small monthly service fee for recycling, similar to what is done in Sheridan and other communities to help offset the costs involved with running the recycling center.

Fox said, “If it comes to where we’re gonna take it over and manage it, then that’s what I’ll do.”

They also said the decision will need leadership from the city and county, as the two boards cannot do this themselves.

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