Life Saving Award to Be Presented to SPD Officers

Three members of the Sheridan Police Department will be receiving an award for their actions that resulted in saving the life of a stabbing victim at a residence in Sheridan County earlier this year. At the July 6 meeting of the Sheridan City Council, Corporal Jacob Board, and Officers Derek Jensen and Chase Phillip will be receiving the Sheridan Police Department Life Saving Award. According to a news release from the SPD, at approximately 4 am on January 26, dispatch received a report of a man that had been stabbed several times during the course of a domestic violence incident. Officers responded to Woodland Park mobile home park as sheriff’s deputies were unavailable.

Upon arrival, Officers found a male victim sitting on a bedroom floor with a wound indicative of hitting an artery on the victim’s upper right arm. Officers immediately began first aid as the victim began losing consciousness. The wound required Cpl. Board to apply two tourniquets and direct pressure to stop the bleeding. Officer Jensen conducted an assessment of the victim and discovered a second stab wound to the front of the victim’s left shoulder which was attended to.

The performance that led to the saving of the victim’s life was a team effort. Cpl. Board and Officer Jensen provided direct aid to the victim. Officer Jensen coordinated the life-saving efforts and also coordinated the control of the crime scene. Officer Phillip provided first aid supplies to Cpl. Board and kept the scene safe so life-saving measures could be taken. The police department received praise for the officer’s actions from both Rocky Mountain Ambulance and Sheridan Memorial Hospital. This tremendous life saving effort deserved recognition in front of the Mayor and Council, but was postponed until this time due to COVID-19 restrictions.


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