34 graduate from Tongue River High School

34 students graduated from Tongue River High School Sunday night. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Thirty-four seniors – 100 percent of the students who started Tongue River High School this year, according to Principal Colby Lynch – received their diplomas in graduation ceremonies Sunday night.

Lynch said the class has been fantastic.

He said the class size was about typical for the high school and he was excited to have 34 out of 34 graduate.

Students walk from the high school to the football field. (Photo by Pat Blair)

Ceremonies were held outdoors, on the high school football field. Lynch said the organizers of the ceremonies were prepared to move into the gym in event of bad weather, but everyone was counting their blessings that the move wasn’t necessary.

Class salutatorian was Jett Walker, and valedictorian was Rheagan Logan. Keynote speaker was CJ Scholl, head coach for the high school’s wrestling program.

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  1. I did not get to have a High School Graduation Ceremony! 12 years of school with your friends and after last day in school & about 2 weeks afterwards you Stop by the Principals office to pick up your Diploma. I was in my fifties before the Dreams finally stopped. I dreamed I did not Graduate and was a failure in life. I wasn’t, I had a successful career. The absolute need for that High School tradition can be Crippling when a Student that Earned it can’t have it. It took, just shy of 40 years, to get over it. During COVID-19 school districts, PLEASE, be imaginative and creative and and give them a traditional High School graduation ceremony even if you have to greatly modify it.

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