JCSD1 Board Approves Early Graduation Requests

A number of high school seniors in Johnson County schools have applied for early graduation this year, and the school board reviewed those requests during their regular meeting this week.

Board Chairperson Jan Johnson spoke about the requests.

According to the board’s website, students may request to finish their schooling at the end of the first semester of their senior year if they have met the necessary graduation requirements. Students must submit a statement of intent and application letter.

Requests are reviewed in a conference with the principal, counselor, at least one of the student’s parents/guardians, and the student. All early graduation conferences consider the readiness of the student, the student’s post-secondary plans, the desire of the student’s parents/guardians, and any extenuating circumstances.

The board approved seven students for early graduation from Buffalo High School; three from New West High School; and one from Kaycee.

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