Most Bills And Files Get Past Introductory Stage During 2023 WY Legislative Session

The 2023 8-week Wyoming Legislative General Session is near the halfway point.

State lawmakers have gone through as many House bills and Senate files as they can, but time has run out on some of them.

In total there were 23 House bills, six Senate files and two House Joint Resolutions that died, because they were never brought up for introduction within its house of origin.

The deadline in the House was this past Tuesday (January 31st), while the Senate deadline was last week Thursday (January 26th).

Of those that died, one would have made the Wyoming Attorney General’s Office an elected position.

One would have given counties the power to apply an excise tax on property, and another would ban the teaching and training of the critical race theory.

Along the line of elections, there was a bill that would have required absentee voters to provide identification, and another would make the state have a runoff election, if a candidate did not receive more than 50% of the vote, in the race they are in.

A House Joint Resolution had a similar idea, and was also proposing to have primary elections take place in May, instead of August.

In the Senate there was a file that would have redefined what major maintenance is for school facilities, and another would make it so that it is not considered criminal trespassing, when corner crossing on properties.

Tuesday and Wednesday of next week (February 7th and 8th) are the deadlines for 2nd and 3rd readings of various bills and files, within the house of its origin.

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