Barrasso: ‘Working Families Cannot Afford Democrats’ Spending and Tax Hikes

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), chairman of the Senate Republican Conference, issued a statement Wednesday after the June 2022 Consumer Price Index numbers showed inflation rose 9.1 percent year-over-year, the highest since 1981. Barrasso said working families are struggling to make ends meet as they continue to face the worst inflation in more than four decades and the price of groceries, gas, rent, and utilities are skyrocketing, all while paychecks aren’t keeping up.

Barrasso added that the economic sirens are blaring and economists are warning of a looming recession and working families in Wyoming cannot afford to pay the huge price of President Biden’s failed economic agenda and now is not the time for more reckless government spending and tax hikes. The Consumer Price Index, or CPI, is a measure of the average change over time in the prices paid by urban consumers for a market basket of consumer goods and services. Indexes are available for the U.S. and various geographic areas. More information on the June CPI can be found here.


  1. Working folks cannot afford trump’s tax breaks for the rich and corporations either.Seems every time a repub dictates policy from the breaks are in order…so called “trickle down” effects never materialize for working folks. We all seen this in reagans failed supply side economics…then along came trump helping out his rich buddies. This country really needs to “drain the swamp” alright…starting with the winner take all and leave nothing for the little people jerks.And while you are at it,voters,send this Pennsylvania carpetbagger packing.

  2. My memory is several Democratic presidents have had to clean up after Republican “voodoo econmomic” policies (deficits, great recession, depression, etc). What might really be at risk is the nearly 250 year old democracy experiment threatened by the Repubs who upend rule of law and fail to protect the US constitution. Repubs are into a naked grab for power (McConnell and the supreme court anyone?) and this hollow pol Barrasso just spouts self gain seeking propaganda. He apparently can’t bring himself to honor his oath of office to support and defend the US constitution. Sorry affair indeed.

  3. ROFLMAO— i am amazed how feeble dems try to blame trump for biden’s failures..i should not be shocked–obama tried the same thing with bush. the failures are even more pronounced with biden.. everything he has touched has crumbled….yet he and his puppets take no responsibility… a couple of you would make great fiction writers and it would be a comedy if the american people were not suffering so much.. biden has a 36 percent approval, seen like only those in the clown car are blaming trump

    • You better go see a tongue doctor…your’s is split and bleeding B…S…again…and again..and again

    • And I am truly AMAZED how you can ignore the FACTs that the Jan 6 commission have presented that your fearless leader trump did in FACT try to overthrow our country on Jan 6th.. FACTS MIKE, that have come almost solely from REPUBLICANS in the trump administration. Wake up mike and smell the TREASON by your scummy hero trump .. ROFLMAO to you too, talk about feeble, Mike

      • Ah Ms Harriet–those facts. Lets look at the committee: first it is not a court of law so rules of evidence are non existent meaning you bring in a nutjob witness to bash trump but dont bring in those pesky secret service agents who debunk her story; lets look at the republicans on the committee–who picked them? let me help -PELOSI The purpose of this committee is 2 fold: to keep trump from running aqain because polls show he would beat JOE 2. to take eyes off of bidens failure after failure. But i think you and your fellow dems. this committe has helped the GOP because honest american see it for what it really is. Too bad you cant

        • Mike, there have been FAR MORE than one Republican witness. There have been many witnesses from trumps own group. But I doubt you would listen to any of them, being so brain washed by the liar in chief. AND by the way mike, I have been a registered Republican for over 50 years but I can still recognize a lying traitor when I see one.

  4. You sure support a loser! He currently is fighting 29 lawsuits, has 2 divorces, has 2 impeachments, filed 4 bankruptcies, and called in a bunch of violent trumplucants to the capital on January 6th to try to overturn a fair election. Shameful!

    • and your hero is bill clinton???? do we need to go over bill’s legal problems with various women he assaulted and paid to settle???do you remember Whitewater?? Bill was impeached as well for perjury and disbarred. Nice try but you need to do your homework first

      • Clinton was indeed impeached for perjury- but the sexual activities that he lied about were never labeled as anything but consensual.(Kind of the same thing Trump bragged about- but substitute power for money). And yes, I remember White water but apparently you don’t. Unlike Trump University et al for which Trump has repeatedly been successfully sued and fined over a lifetime of grifting. Bill Clinton has the morality of a dog when it comes to sexual behavior- but he never tried to commit treason. Trump was twice impeached for screwing around with the election process by inviting foreign interference in our elections and on January 6th igniting an attempted insurrection. Thank goodness the players on 1-6 all arrived in the same clown car, and our Republic was saved- for now.

  5. I got a 5$ raise under “trumps tax cuts for the rich”. Trump actually helped everyday Americans like me. All my coworkers got one too. I’d take trumps tax cuts any day over Bidenflation

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