Downtown Development District Gambling Moratorium

At a Sheridan City Council Study Session in April, City Attorney Brendon Kerns presented the details of Ordinance 2250 to the Sheridan City Council and Mayor Rich Bridger. The Ordinance pertains to limiting gambling in the Downtown District. City Community Development Director Wade Sanner at a City Council study session Monday night said the ordinance would place a two-year moratorium on gambling within the City’s Downtown Development District.

Wade Sanner

The ordinance that will come before the City Council for consideration at a future meeting is a proposed zoning change that would prevent gambling for B-1 zoned properties in the Downtown District and limit gambling to six devices in areas zoned B-2 in the Downtown District. B-1 and B-2 zoned properties outside of the downtown district would not be affected and none of the properties within the Downtown District would be in violation of the ordinance.

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