Barrasso: ‘Biden’s Sue and Settle Tactics on Oil and Gas Leases Mean Higher Energy Prices’

U.S. Senator John Barrasso (R-WY), ranking member of the Senate Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, issued a statement Friday regarding the Biden administration’s “sue and settle” tactics that will reopen procedural environmental reviews on over 2,000 natural gas and oil leases in Wyoming, covering nearly 2.5 million acres, sold between 2015 and 2020.  A federal court recently approved settlement agreements between the Department of the Interior and allied environmental activist groups that will add extensive, bureaucratic review to nearly 4 million acres of oil and natural gas leases throughout Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, and Utah.

Barrasso, in his statement, said oil and gas leasing on federal lands is essential to American energy production and President Biden has attacked leasing at every turn while begging for more oil from Iran, Venezuela and Saudi Arabia. He said the administration’s goal is to eliminate oil and gas leasing on federal lands which will result in higher energy and greater dependence on foreign oil. Senator Barrasso closed his statement by saying that President Biden’s policies are making it harder to produce U.S. energy, increasing prices, and destroying Wyoming jobs.


  1. The good senator needs to wake up and get his head out of the you-know-what of the fossil fuel industry. High energy prices are a result of his buddies jacking prices up so they can make billions, while we all try to figure out how we’re gonna pay our electric and gas bills and fill up our vehicles.

    • if you keep telling the same lie over and over pretty soon the uneducated will believe it…. sorry, I am educated

    • High energy prices are the result of bidens policies as dictated to him by the oligarchs of the WEF. Were yo so excited to get your orange menace out of office that you didnt listen to what biden was saying before the election? “Anyone but Trump!” You got what you asked for.

      • The WEF has less legislative leverage than the Shriners. If you’re going to fear somebody, make it the creepy clowns in the little cars. The price of oil is up by 57%in a year- the price of gas is up by about 90%. Gee, where did the other 33% go? Hint, Exxon profits are up by 300% in the first quarter of this year. I wonder why they’re not interested in reopening the wells they (not Biden) capped during Covid?

  2. BS…oil companies have been backing off drilling because SHAREHOLDERS want more profits. Easy fact to find.

    • High oil prices equal more BIG oil profits, fred, so your accusation holds no water. Biden wants to transition to a green economy, and needs high oil prices to force you to buy an EV. “No new drilling on public lands on day one!” ~ biden

  3. If Biden had his way we’d all be driving electric golf carts and sitting in forty degree homes all winter. If Barasso gets his way we’ll continue to pay $5 a gallon for gasoline and natural gas will still be through the roof because the energy companies will be exporting whatever is they can to bail out Western Europe. Neither party is doing much of anything to look out for our own interests.

  4. C’mon john, you know that biden wants to transition to a green economy as per the desires of his puppet master oligarchs of the WEF. Talk is cheap, so why dont you actually do something for once instead of trying to convince people that you arent a democrat? A green economy is dying economy.

  5. Biden raised the ethanol in gas standard from 10% to 15% last Friday. His mission to destroy the US economy is on track.

  6. I have been in the Energy Industry as a geologist for 47 years and I have survived very high prices and very low prices. Neither are good for most of us, inside or outside the Industry. Supply and demand control prices and supply and demand has been dictated by POLITICS during my career. Keep telling it like it is John.

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