Representative Cheney Tests Positive for COVID

U.S. Representative Liz Cheney announced Wednesday morning that she has tested positive for COVID-19. The Congresswoman released a statement saying that while she’s fully vaccinated and boosted, she received a positive test result for COVID-19 early Wednesday morning.

Cheney said that she is currently experiencing mild symptoms and will continue to follow the CDC’s guidance as she continues to work on behalf of the people of Wyoming. Cheney said she will continue to pray for the people of Uvalde, TX, especially the mothers and fathers who have lost their little children in this horrific attack.


    • Except it is working as advertised, she’s not going to die because she has the virus, whereas if you got it you’d have a much higher chance of dying.

      • you don’t think it’s a bit curious that the media and government had this virus as such a high mortality threat 2 years ago and now, even though something less than 60% of people in the US are vaccinated, there are single digit percentages of people in the hospital for Covid, very similar to what you would expect for the flu (i.e. elderly and other high risk folks)? Did you usually fear dying when you got the flu, regardless of whether you had a flu shot?

        • No, I don’t think it’s that weird, cause that’s how vaccines work. Fewer people are getting the virus the more people get the vaccination, it’s not a difficult equation. I’m not worried about dying of the flu because we’ve had a vaccine for the flu for like 75 years not to mention we have a number of approved anti-viral medications that can be used to treat the flu.

      • Biden stated that you would never get the virus if you were vaccinated. Maybe Liz just needed another booster? Unless Liz has an exact clone, you can never say that it would have been worse if she wasnt vaccinated.

        • Yes, Biden said that but also in that exact same public appearance he also stated, accurately that vaccinated people are less likely to catch the virus than unvaccinated people, and if they do catch it, they are less likely to get sick. “Vaccine effectiveness studies provide a growing body of evidence that mRNA COVID-19 vaccines offer similar protection in real-world conditions as they have in clinical trial settings, reducing the risk of COVID-19, including severe illness, among people who are fully vaccinated by 90 percent or more.” (CDC)
          “While COVID-19 vaccines are working well, some people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 will still get sick, because no vaccines are 100% effective. These are called vaccine breakthrough cases. However, data suggest that vaccination may make symptoms less severe in people who are vaccinated but still get COVID-19.” (CDC)
          Those are direct quotes from CDC, that took me literally five seconds to Google.

          • “14 days to flatten the curve” ~ the CDC. You have too much faith in govt health bureaucrats. Seems like a lot of vaccinated people are catching covid, and many within the biden admin. .

  1. The thing is, though, she really ISN’T working for the people of Wyoming. She’s working in service of her own misguided sense of self-importance. When will she just declare that she’s a rabid Democrat and switch teams?

    • What is a “Vaccine?” What is a “Treatment?” This was a joke from the beginning, and will go down as the biggest hoax in history! There have be many Flu virus that were much worse. Hope Ms. cheney gets well soon, but not a fan, my vote is for Harriet

  2. Cheney is following the law under the Constitution whether ding dongs like it or not.Someone has to take a stand against internal aggression in this nation…or America will turn into a fascist oligarchy…which is not far off at the going rate.COVID has nothing to do with her work…you people just hate her because she is one who spilled the beans on the attempt at throwing out Democracy.Grow up people.

    • Youre right, fred. Never thought Id see a ministry of truth or an office for environmental justice in the US, EVER. Not one of the J6 political prisoners has been charged with inciting or participating in an insurrection, but they are being treated far worse than horrific murderers. Just charge them with misdemeanor trespassing, like biden was in the 70’s for encroaching into the capitol, and release them with more than enough time served. Dont let the Trump hate cloud your mind.

    • No, we “dislike” her because she has an agenda that is not align with Wyomingites values. Why does the majority of her support money come from out of state? Just like our current president, she is all talk. Fred, I know you hate Trump, but he took action on his words. Yes, he is gruff, tweeted mean things, but he laid out his plan and did everything he said he was going to do. Cheney, and Biden’s puppeteers, could use a lesson on that.

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