Gordon Kicks Off Election Season By Filing For Second Term

This story first appeared on Cowboy State Daily.

By Leo Wolfson, Cowboy State Daily

Wyoming’s formal 2022 election season was launched Thursday as the secretary of state’s office opened its doors for people to register as candidates.

Gov. Mark Gordon marked the occasion by walking into the secretary of state’s office in the Capitol at 8 a.m. Thursday to file as a candidate for a second term.

Gordon, like a number of other candidates, had already announced his intention to run before filing. Although the filing process may be a formality as far as the public is concerned, it is a necessary step in order to be considered a candidate by the state and win a spot on the election ballots. Deadline for filing is 5 p.m. May 27.

Other top officials who have announced their intention to seek re-election include Secretary of State Ed Buchanan, Auditor Kristi Racines, Treasurer Curtis Meier and Superintendent of Public Instruction Brian Schroeder, who was appointed earlier this year to finish the unexpired term of former Superintendent Jillian Balow. It costs $300 to run for all of these positions including the governor. 

The highest profile race of 2022 has so far been the battle for the Republican nomination for Wyoming’s lone U.S. House seat.

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney is seeking her fourth term in the House and faces primary challenges from several other Republicans, including Harriet Hageman.

Hageman announced her intention to run against Cheney in September 2021, winning the endorsement of former President Donald Trump in the process. A handful of other candidates have thrown their hats in the ring for this race, indicating they will pay the $750 filing fee.

Although the U.S. House race is colorful, some races at the state level will be just as contentious.

State Rep. Dan Laursen, R-Powell, on Thursday announced his intent to run for Senate District No. 19 to battle lawmakers he described as “RINOs,” or “Republicans In Name Only.”

“It is time to move to the upper chamber and get a conservative majority,” he said. “Currently both chambers in Wyoming are controlled by rinos, it is time to change that.”

The seat is currently held by Sen. R.J. Kost, R-Powell, who indicated in a post on Twitter in March he will seek election to a second 4-year term in the Senate.

A number of candidates have announced their intention to run for other state House and Senate seats across the state. The cost to run for these positions is $100.

All statewide candidates must file an account through the Wyoming Campaign Finance Information System in addition to filing for office.

County-level positions do not  require filing on WCFIS. This filing can be completed at the candidate’s local county courthouse. The filing fee for all of local positions is $100. There is no filing fee for candidates for school board seats.

For more information visit sos.wyo.gov/Elections/2022ElectionInformation.aspx or call 307-777-5860.

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  1. No thank you. People remember that you turned the state over to an unelected ‘health’ bureaucrat who killed off small businesses, and forced kids to wear worthless masks in school.

    • Backwards again. In the US the covid death rate currently stands at 1 in 350. In Wyoming, with its much lower population density which should have made the pandemic much easier to control, our death rate currently stands at 1 in 277. Gordan gave in to the anti-science hysteria and dropped common sense precautions way too soon. In other words he listened and people died unnecessarily. That’s what people need to remember.

      • What constitutes a covid death, ray? Hospitals were given BIG dollars for every covid diagnosis, where the testing is shoddy at best, and every covid “death”. Your president told the socials to censor any info about covid that went against the CDC/NIH/BIG pharma narratives. Info that came from other scientists and doctors, so maybe biden is the anti-science hysteric. Thats why Musks purchase of twitter scares them so much. You have way too much faith in unelected bureaucrats and politicians. Thats the kind of thinking that is backwards.

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