Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office warns of IP address scams

Phone and internet scams have cost American’s $29.8 billion in 2020 alone. Scammers have adapted to using many forms of communication to swindle hard earned dollars out of the hands of unsuspecting people. 

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse program, Undersheriff Levi Dominguez informed listeners of a scam that attacks the executive officers and head administrators of larger institutions. 

Undersheriff L. Dominguez

According to Better Business Bureau, in one version of the scam, a pop-up suddenly appears on a computer screen with an ominous warning from a well-known tech support company. This pop-up will request the potential victim call a number to resolve the issue. During the call, a “technician” will tell the victim their IP address is being used by individuals with criminal intent. In some reports according to the BBB, scammers claim child pornography websites are using the IP address, and the vicitm could be held responsible for these actions.

Scammers say they work for a reputable company and can fix the problem, but the victim will need to pay a fee and give them remote access to your computer first. 

The claims are false, but should a victim believe them, scammers have the potential to steal the victim’s money and gain access to any personal information stored on a computer.

If you believe you or someone you know may have been a victim of a scam such as this, or other forms of scams, notify the Sheridan County Sheriff’s Office at 307-672-3455.

Scammers are also taking advantage of the Russo-Ukrainian War, asking for donations and simply keeping the money. Research charities before making a donation. It’s easy to do at sites like or Charity Watch. In addition, Charity Navigator has a page specifically dedicated to high-performing charities engaged in relief efforts in Ukraine.

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