Holy Name Catholic School Studies Owls

Second through fifth Grade students work together on an Owl project at Holy Name Catholic School in November. (Photo courtesy of Holy Name)

As part of a collaborative learning project, second and third graders at Holy Name Catholic School in Sheridan teamed up with fourth and fifth graders to study owls this month.  According to a release from Holy Name, students began their study at the Game and Fish Office learning about local owls, habitats, and food systems.  Students then worked in teams, researching their chosen owl, dissecting owl pellets, and logging undigested items.

Students measured wingspans, recorded important facts, printed pictures, and practiced their oral presentations.  On Monday afternoon, presentations were displayed in the gym as family and friends filled the room to learn about owls and dined on owl cupcakes and cookies. Students used their class computers to research and type up their presentations.  When asked what his favorite part of the project was, second grader Tom Broadbent said, “putting everything together to present to our guests.”

Ike Morris shows off his wingspan compared to the owls they studied at Holy Name Catholic School. (Photo courtesy of Holy Name)
Christina Schmidt, Game and Fish public information specialist checks out Owl presentations at Holy Name Catholic School on November 22. (Photo courtesy of Holy Name)
Timber Krupp shows bones found in her owl pellet at Holy Name Catholic School. (Photo courtesy of Holy Name)

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