Big Horn National Forest Areas Near Crater Ridge Fire Closed

Photo Courtesy: Big Horn National Forest

For the safety of campers and visitors, some areas of the Big Horn National Forest are closed so that crews can continue to fight the Crater Ridge Fire.

The closure area is mostly north of US Highway 14 and US Highway 14A and east of the Sheridan County/Big Horn County border line.

Due to the remoteness, steep terrain, and continuous fuels, conditions are unsafe for fire crews to construct a fireline directly adjacent to the fire.

Instead, an indirect strategy is being applied, which requires more room to work.

Please respect the area closure, allowing firefighters to work without concern for the safety of public visitors in the path of the fire, and reducing traffic hazards to fire crews. 

As of 9am on Wednesday, July 21st, the fire has burned an estimated 383 acres of land, with 0% containment.

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  1. this fire should of been put out long before now, But it was allowed to burn rough
    terrain ,timber and down timber as to thin it out, so that in the future it would be easier to got to and get through, To all the fire fighters stay safe, Stay out of Harms way. Bring in more slurry bombers with fire retardance.

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