Public Discusses Ambulance Barn With Rural Health Board

Members of the public attended the Johnson County Rural Health Care District Board meeting Monday morning to voice their opinions on the proposed purchase of land and the expenditure for a new ambulance barn.

Concerns from the public included why the board was looking to spend a half a million dollars for the land and ambulance barn when the board is facing budget shortages and cuts; why they wanted to move the ambulances to a non-centralized location; and what is interpreted by some as a “vendetta” from the board toward Dave Harness and Buffalo EMS.

The board addressed the concerns, saying there is no imminent plan to build an ambulance barn, but they are planning and looking to be ready for the future.

Board Chairman Marilyn Connolly said the board has no vendetta against Harness or Buffalo EMS.

No action was taken by the board after the public comments were offered.

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