Hospital Board Votes Rate Increase for AHCC

The Hospital Board of Trustees for the Johnson County Healthcare Center have voted to increase the daily rate for residents in the Amie Holt Care Center, which will become effective July 1st with the new budget.

Becky Rodriguez, with JCHC Administration, gave the report to the board during their recent meeting.

Rodriguez said the current resident mix in the care center is 74% Medicaid and 26% private-pay, which will be the percentage hit with the increase, as Medicaid only reimburses the facility at $189.78, which is still below the facility’s daily cost of $315 and below the daily rates of facilities in neighboring communities.

CEO Sean McCallister explained the need for the increases moving forward.

The current rate is $287 per day, and will increase to $297 per day on July 1st, to give the facility 60 days to inform private-pay resident’s families of the rate increase.

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