Woman Facing Homicide Charge in Shooting Death of Sheridan Man in Billings

Information from KTVQ in Billings

According to KTVQ in Billings, 31-year-old Kristy Lynn Chavez has been charged with Felony Deliberate Homicide by Accountability  for her involvement in the killing and carjacking of a Sheridan man last week. Court documents obtained by Q2 state that Chavez and another man, identified as Michael McClure, abducted and assaulted the victim, 33-year-old Dennis Gresham at the Yellowstone River Campground in Billings last Friday. Chavez and McClure approached Gresham’s van and asked for a cigarette and a ride. Gresham told them no, and an altercation began before the two entered the van equipped with guns.

The altercation continued in the van as Chavez climbed into the driver’s seat to drive away. Chavez stated to detectives that she heard five gunshots and she thought Gresham was dead after she heard the gunshots. After stealing the van, the two led law enforcement on a high-speed chase Friday afternoon that ended on 43rd Street West in Billings. Chavez attempted to flee, but was arrested by police. McClure fled to a home on Ridgewood Lane South, where he engaged in a 9-hour standoff with police before being shot and killed when he attempted to charge at law enforcement. Updated information on the story can be found here: https://www.ktvq.com/news/crime-watch/woman-facing-homicide-charge-in-shooting-death-of-sheridan-man-in-billings

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  1. Hope she rots for a very long time in prison! Hope he is burning in the deepest depths of Hell!
    My heart goes out to the family. May you find peace among these trying times.

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