May brings Virtual Treetise to Sheridan

Artist Anthony Heinz May assembles his work, Virtual Treetise, at the intersections of Dow and Main Streets.

Anthony Heinz May’s artwork can be seen all over the nation, showcased in approximately 20 U.S. cities blurring the lines of the natural world with mankind’s digital creation.

The Sheridan Public Arts Committee has brought May to Sheridan to assemble his latest work, Virtual Treetise, for the city’s residents. 

Raised in ruel Oregon, May was surrounded by nature and his art is greatly influenced by natural beauty while reflecting the digital age of mankind. 

While appearing on Sheridan Media’s Public Pulse, May told listeners the work of Virtual Treetise reflects a celebration and memorial. 

A. May

The work is life size and will require two days for May to assemble near the intersection of West Dow Street and Main Street. 

A. May

May’s work is available to Sheridan residents thanks to the efforts of the Sheridan Public Arts Committee. The committee has brought over a hundred permanent works of art to the Sheridan community. 

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20 days ago

I watched Mr. May do his work in the wintery conditions and thought wow he is dedicated to his art! Nice work!!