County Awards Re-bid of Klondike/Clear Creek Project

The Johnson County Commission approved Chairman Bill Novotny to sign documents concerning the Klondike /Clear Creek road project that will be completed this summer.

Road & Bridge Supervisor Scott Pehringer asked the commission to approve the chairman to sign the Notice of Award, Notice to Proceed, and the contract agreement documents as they are returned to Road & Bridge, as opposed to waiting for a meeting, to streamline the process.

The county bid the project last year but the lowest bid at that time was for about $553,000 and the low bid on the re-bid last month came in at roughly $484,000 from Croell, Inc.

Pehringer gave an overview of the project.

Pehringer addressed concerns that have been raised about the Klondike Bridge, but he said it has been inspected and has a rating of 94.3, which is quite high.

The only concern on the bridge is where the asphalt meets concrete, which will be addressed with this current overlay project.

The project is scheduled for completion on July 30th of this year.

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