Lake DeSmet Board to Hear Lawsuit Update

The Lake DeSmet Advisory Board, during this month’s meeting, will get an update on the Moreland lawsuit.

The lawsuit stems from a boat ramp installed by John Moreland, the owner of the old Texaco Lodge, who wants to make improvements on the shoreline of the property.

The two sides are at odds over shoreline regulations at the lake the county believes do not allow building permanent structures below the high-water elevation mark of 4,620 feet, which are county-owned lands; and Moreland, who believes he is entitled to make improvements there.

Also on the agenda is a review of the shoreline regulations; a status report from the Operating Department; and an introduction of new member Nathan Lindsey.

The meeting will be Wednesday, April 21st at the Johnson County Road & Bridge Meeting Room at 310 Railroad Ave. beginning at 3pm.

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