Council awards bid for Hub project

(Photo from Sheridan Media files)

Sheridan’s City Council this week voted to award the bid to AXE Build for Phase IV of The Hub on Smith Street’s Help at Home project. The bid is for just over $749,000.

City Engineer Hanns Mercer explained what the work will do.

Mercer said a total of around 3,300 square feet of space will be refurbished or reconfigured in the project.

The work will be in the southern area in the existing building on Smith Street. In a memo to the Council, Mercer said the design for the project includes replacing undersized offices with offices that can serve multiple users and/or visitors while maintaining social distancing.

The work also will include removing the existing low roof and replacing it with a higher roof and ceiling.

Mercer said prior work in the area has included replacing the HVAC system, installing a fire sprinkler system and building a parking lot on Hub-owned property on Brooks Street. He said final work on the parking lot, which consists of landscaping, signage and lighting, will start in the next month.

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