Hospital gives 4,000-plus vaccinations to date

(Courtesy photo)

By the end of the day Friday, Dr. John Addlesperger expected that Sheridan Memorial Hospital had given around 4,200 vaccinations against COVID-19.

Dr. Addlesperger is the hospital’s chief medical officer. In addition, he said, the hospital isn’t the only source of vaccinations against the virus.

He said the hospital was giving second-dose vaccinations this week. Next week, more first-dose vaccinations will be given, and the hospital will start concentrating on those with chronic medical conditions.

People with chronic medical conditions are eligible for vaccinations regardless of age so long as they fall within the age categories for which the vaccines have been approved. Dr. Addlesperger said the Pfizer vaccine hasn’t been approved for those under 16, and Moderna isn’t approved for those under 18.

In addition, he said, vaccinations are being given to anyone age 65 or older and those on the earlier priority lists, such as first responders and healthcare workers.

Two vaccinations are required for both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, with the second vaccination about three weeks after the first. A third vaccine, from Johnson & Johnson, is pending, and that will be a one-dose vaccination, Dr. Addlesperger said.

He said people can go onto the hospital’s website to learn who is being scheduled for vaccinations at this time. Those who want to schedule an appointment for a first vaccination can call 675-4471. A second vaccination will be scheduled at the time the first is administered.

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James Galloway
2 months ago

Go get your untested vaccine.