Transforming Transitional Care – Right Here at Home

In a press release, the Sheridan Memorial Hospital Foundation was excited to announce its Transforming Transitional Care Campaign. 

A Transitional Care Unit (TCU) is a recuperative and supportive place to heal following an injury, surgery, or serious illness. From changes to one’s daily schedule to the adjustments necessary to return home – the care team of nurses, doctors, and therapists manage transitions and help patients regain a level of independence for a safe return home.

According to the release, the aging population and the increased need for Transitional Care in the community, led to the design of this project. It will increase the number of patients the hospital is able to offer specialized care to, before they transition back home. The community is changing and Sheridan Memorial Hospital wants to ensure the growing number of patients needing transitional care will have the opportunity to stay right here in Sheridan, close to home and family.

“The Foundation is thrilled to support the hospital in repurposing the 2nd and 3rd floors of the main 1954 hospital back to their original use—caring for patients and providing excellent care,” Chief Development Officer Cody Sinclair said. “Meeting the needs of our community through this expansion will also ensure our community hospital is prepared for any future pandemic.” 

The space was cleared immediately for pandemic care last year, and Sheridan Memorial Hospital applied for the CARES Act funding available through the Wyoming State Loan and Investment Board (SLIB). A grant of $2.1 million made the completion of initial infrastructure and demolition construction possible before Dec. 15. 

The Foundation met with community members and local foundations about the project in October, and gained support and momentum to meet the $4.4 million goal. The Foundation now looks forward to sharing more information with residents in the region, and to raise the remaining 20% needed to begin construction in July.

“The response from our community this past year, through COVID and now excitement over this campaign has been truly remarkable,” Director of Donor Relations Ada Kirven said. “Throughout the pandemic we have been fortunate to have the donors, staff, and resources available to support the community – including the ICU that many of these same major donors supported five years ago. We are grateful to our initial contributors, as they have shown they believe in the need for the project and laid the foundation for a successful completion. It’s remarkable to bring an expansion like TCU to our community and expand care for our growing and aging population at such a critical time.”

To learn more about the Transforming Transitional Care Campaign or The Foundation, call the Sheridan Memorial Hospital offices at (307) 673-2418 or visit their website  at

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