Johnson County Appoints Board Members

Johnson County’s Commissioners, at their meeting Tuesday, discussed those interested in serving on the various county boards, and made appointments to them.

Sixteen individuals, many already serving and wanting to continue, were appointed to serve on the Airport Board, Recycling Center Board, and the Fair Board to name a few.

The commission makes appointments annually, as the terms end.

Appointed were:

Gage Smith to a 3-year term on the Recycling Center Joint Powers Board.

Jim Martin to a 5-year term on te Airport Board.

Lacy Schiffer to a 4-year term on the Fair Board.

John Collins to unexpired term on the Fair Board.

Sue Moyes and Jillian Smith to 3-year terms on the Lodging Tax Board.

Rick Myers and Mark Smith to 3-year terms on the KBJ Joint Powers Board.

Megan Boggs to a 2-year term on the Mt. Plains Heritage Park Board.

Jake Hatch and Lane Qualm to 3-year terms on the Planning Commission.

Timothy Peterson to a 3-year term on the Predator Control Board.

Scott Rogers, Nathan Willams, and Randy Hepp to 4-year terms on the Weed and Pest District.

David Iverson to a 3-year term on the Solid Waste Board.

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